How do you know if your drinking water has lead?

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How do you know if your drinking water has lead?


How do you know if your drinking water has lead?

Maintaining good health and wellbeing requires access to clean, safe drinking water. Lead is one of the dangerous elements that can seriously endanger human health that is present in numerous water sources all over the world. In this article, we'll go over how to identify lead in drinking water as well as how Swift Green Filters can help to significantly lower lead contamination.

Understanding Lead's Hazards

When consumed, the heavy metal lead can build up in the body and cause a number of health issues. Infants, young children, and expectant mothers are the groups most susceptible to lead exposure. Lead exposure, even at low doses, can harm a child's cognitive growth and lead to behavioral problems. Adults who are exposed to lead may also get high blood pressure, renal troubles, and reproductive problems. 


Detecting Lead Contamination Symptoms

Lead Sources

Old plumbing systems:

If your house was constructed before the late 1980s, there's a chance that the plumbing system uses solder, pipes, or fixtures made of lead. These appliances could release lead into your water supply as they get older.

Rust and Discoloration:

Water that is stained red or otherwise discolored can result from lead pipes corroding. Water that contains lead can still be dangerous even though it appears clear.

Unappealing flavor and Smell: 

Lead contamination can sometimes give water a metallic or faintly sweet flavor. The taste of some lead-contaminated water may be natural, making its detection difficult without the right testing.

Decline in Health: 

Lead exposure may be the cause of unexplained health problems like weariness, irritability, and difficulties concentrating.


Methods to reduce or eliminate lead contamination from your water supply:

Use water filters with certification:

Use water filters that have been proven to eliminate lead. Look for filters that adhere to the NSF/ANSI 53 lead reduction standard. These filters have been evaluated and shown to successfully lower water lead levels.

Replace plumbing and lead pipes:

If your home has lead pipes or plumbing fixtures made of lead, you might want to think about replacing them with something safer. To evaluate your plumbing system and repair any lead components, see a qualified plumber, but In order to replace lead pipes, it is necessary to dig up the ground and remove any existing pipes, which may disturb the soil and cause environmental contamination. For households and towns with low resources in particular, the cost of replacing lead pipes can be a considerable financial burden.


Regular Water Testing:

Check the lead and other pollutants in your drinking water on a regular basis. Home test kits are widely accessible and can yield speedy results, but they may be more expensive.


Swift Green Filters' Contribution to Lessening Lead Contamination

Swift Green Filters are cutting-edge filtering systems made to clean water and get rid of different impurities, like lead. To assure clean, safe, and great-tasting water, these filters employ an innovative and environmentally responsible method. To lessen the amount of lead in drinking water, Swift Green Filters do the following:


Activated Carbon Filtration

Swift Green Filters use activated carbon for filtration, which is very effective at reducing lead and other heavy metals. Lead particles are captured as water travels through the filter by the activated carbon, which has a sizable surface area and numerous small pores.


Stringent Quality Standards: 

Swift Green Filters are IAPMO Certified To Meet NSF/ANSI Standards. By doing this, the filters guarantee that lead and other pollutants are effectively reduced without affecting the flavour or flow of the water.


Long-lasting and environmentally friendly

These filters are made to last a long time, which lessens the frequency of replacement. Additionally, Swift Green Filters' eco-friendly building materials lessen the influence they have on the environment.


To protect your health and the welfare of your loved ones, it is imperative to make sure that your drinking water is lead-free. Regular lead testing and the purchase of premium water filters like Swift Green Filters can greatly decrease your exposure to dangerous toxins.

Swift Green Filters offer a dependable and efficient way to raise the standard of your water supply. These filters provide peace of mind because they use cutting-edge filtration technology. This means that you and your family may enjoy safe and clean drinking water.


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