How to Tell If Water Softener Is Working?

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How to Tell If Water Softener Is Working?


How to Tell If Water Softener Is Working?


Curious to know if your water softener is working properly? Don’t worry! Swift Green Filters will explain how to tell if a water softener is working or not? Water softeners are used to soften the hard water. There are no harms of hard water. But, people use water softeners to get various benefits. Using water softeners can improve the taste and cleanliness of the water. It also takes less detergents and soaps throughout the day. So with such benefits, it becomes important to make sure that the water softeners are working properly.


Signs water softener not working

It's quite dangerous to use a faulty water softener. If your water softener doesn’t work properly then you will intake the hard unfiltered water that may contain the toxic substances. You can also read the difference between hard and soft water for better understanding.  This way it becomes important to find out if the water softener is working properly or not. Read the following signs that help in understanding the functioning of water softener.


  1. Check lather with Softened water: If you want to know immediately if your water softener is working properly then check whether softened water is still easy to lather or not. It is quite an effective test that is also easy to perform. To perform this test you can take a bucket full of water then add some amount of soap. Stir the mixture properly and see if it has produced enough bubbles or less than normal. If the bubbles are fewer, it means the water is hard to lather and a clear indication that the water softener is either faulty or not working properly.

  2. Check quality of laundry work: If we talk about laundry then one should be careful with the type of water used for washing clothes. If the quality of your laundry is fine then it is a sign that your water softener is functioning properly. If you find the quality of your laundry low then it means your water softener is not working properly. Washing your clothes with hard water can cause your clothes to rough, stiff, and easily torn.

  3. Check the cleanliness of the pipes, faucets, tiles, and sinks: Hard water forms a chemical substance called limescale on these surfaces which ruins the beauty and life of the house. Limescale formation is an indication that you are using hard water in your home. It indicates that your water softener is not working.

  4. Check the taste of the water: The taste of soft water greatly differs from hard water. If the taste of the water is a bit bitter and salty it means you are drinking hard water and your water softener is not working properly.

  5. Check the water pressure: If you find the pressure of the water low then your water softener may not be working properly.

  6. Check your skin after wash: If you find your skin dry and itchy after wash then chances are your water softener system is not working properly.



So these were the major signs that help answer your question: How to tell if water softener is working? If you want to buy water softener for your home or your commercial needs then you can count on Swift Green Filters. Here you will find the wide range of water filters that not only soften your water but also reduces the harmful contaminants. Browse our  made in the USA refrigerator water filters, under sink water filters, pitcher water filters and buy with confidence.



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