How To Tell When a Water Filter Needs Replacing

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How To Tell When a Water Filter Needs Replacing

How To Tell When a Water Filter Needs Replacing?

Water is essential for survival; make sure you are consuming clean and healthy Drinking water. If you are using a refrigerator water filter, you may want to know whether it is doing the job it is supposed to or not. Your refrigerator water filter or any other filter's job is to provide your family clean and healthy water. But how can one tell if there is something wrong with it? Here we have explained how to tell when a water filter needs replacing?

How Long Do Water Filters Really Last?

Water softeners and water filters are used in water treatment to improve the quality of water for a specific end-use. Most water filters usually go up to six months. But still, it depends on the usage of the water filter. Different water filtration systems comes with different materials Every water filter has its maximum limit of purifying water. There are some other factors that determine the lifetime of the water filter.

  1. Quality of the water in your area

  2. Make and model of your refrigerator

  3. Capacity of the water filter you are using 

  4. Daily usage of the water filter

    Signs That Tells When A Water Filter Needs Replacing

    Different water filtration systems use different type of water filters to filter the water.  There can be several signs you can look for that will help determine you need replacing the water filter. Here we are defining major signs that tell when a water filter needs replacing. If you find any of the following signs, you should immediately replace your water filter. Swift Green Filters provides Made in USA Refrigerator Water Filters and Commercial Water Filters at affordable prices.

    1. A Decrease in Flow Rate or Water Pressure:

      If you see a decrease in the flow of the water coming out from the water filter, it can be because your water filter may be completely clogged up. In such a case, you need to replace your water filter.

    2. Bad Taste of Water:

      When a water filter starts to fail, it starts affecting the quality and taste of your drinking water. Your water starts appearing muddy. Your water taste becomes very bad like a metallic or salty taste. In such a situation you should change your water filter without any fail.

    3. Faucets Start Making Odd Noises:

      One of the other signs is, when your filter does not work properly, you may hear some odd sounds. If you hear these sounds constantly then you may need to change your water filter.

    4. Warning Lights:

      Most water filters come with lights that start giving a warning when the water filter is not working correctly. Ensure you know the working of the water filter. You can check the manual to see if your filter comes with warning signs to watch for. 

    5. Cloudy Water:

      If you notice that the water is cloudy or milky then you may need to replace your water filter. There can be so many harmful pollutants in your water supply. You can use water softeners filters or refrigerator water filters made in the USA to get clean and safe drinking water.  


    Do You Really Need to Change the Water Filter?

    For some people changing the water filter can seem quite a daunting task. For them, it is quite common to wonder if it really requires changing the water filter. You should replace your water filter after every 6 months otherwise you can get toxic water.  That can not only alter the taste of your water but can cause damage to the refrigerator unit, your health and wellbeing.


    To get access to safe, clean and healthy water, replace your water filter every six months. Swift Green Filters has tried to tell you when a water filter needs replacing. If you still have any questions regarding replacing your water filter, feel free to contact us. You can also read about how do water filters work?


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