Intake of Contaminated Water- Endangered Effects on Pregnant Ladies and Stillborn Babies

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According to a survey, the Americans fill nearly 3.7 billion of prescriptions in the waterways every year. This not only pollutes the water but also takes the toll on human health especially mothers-to-be and stillborn babies. These medicines end up in the waterways after they are being excreted and flushed out through the toilets. They end up in the water supplies polluting the water and adversely affecting pregnant women. Drinking bad water can effect you seriously. Be-aware of the Effects of Contaminated Water during Pregnancy.

Effects of Contaminated Water during Pregnancy

The American women who are living in the areas where contaminated water is one of the serious problems can end up giving birth to premature or underweight babies.


Effects of Contaminated Water during Pregnancy


There are many side-effects of consuming contaminated tap or bottled water. Let us now have a look at some of its adverse effects:

  • The lead may seep out through the old or rusted water pipes via the tap water and the mothers-to-be who are consuming it may face real threat during pregnancy
  • Most of the mothers may consume mercury-laden seafood that gets directly into them through fishes like tilefish, mackerel, tuna, and swordfish. The water gets contaminated as power plants release the toxins into the water sources.
  • The presence of water-borne bacteria may lead to cognitive problems among the stillborn babies and causes immunity based issues among the pregnant women
  • The major effect is of the industrial chemicals and medications from the pharmaceutical industries let out in the waterways that can lead to miscarriages and other pregnancy- related complications.

However, to remove these contaminated agents from the water it has become necessary to possess the high-quality water filtration system at home. The Swift Green Filters is one such name that stands among the best and Eco-friendly water filtration systems in Canada. Their RX Filters are known to reduce the medications and pharmaceutical particles from the water.

Why be Swift Green RX Filters adopted?

The Swift Green RX Filters follows the green strategy to manufacture its RX Filters that are known to filter out chemicals and preserving the natural minerals in the water. This proves boom for the pregnant women and stillborn babies since a mother’s body requires enough minerals. These carbon filters are made of charcoal out of the coconut husk that is supreme in quality as compared to the activated carbon.

It is beneficial to consume drinking water through the RX filters because of the following reasons:

  • They remove harmful contaminants and pharmaceuticals from the water
  • The Company uses Eco-friendly ways to manufacture their filtration system and making it sustainable
  • Their finished products are also recyclable causing no harm to the waterways
  • The RX Filters are cost-effective and work seamlessly with every refrigerator brand

    To sum up, the water is a necessity for the pregnant mother’s body. So, it becomes mandatory to provide her with enough minerals and avoid contamination that can cause grave effects on her and the stillborn baby. To avoid any complexities the mothers-to-be must switch to the greener alternative the RX Filters. Using RX filters can help in preventing yourself from the Effects of Contaminated Water during Pregnancy.


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