What Does Activated Carbon Remove From Water?

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What Does Activated Carbon Remove From Water


What Does Activated Carbon Remove From Water?


The use of activated carbon has spread all over the world. It has become an integral part in a wide range of industries such as medical, cosmetic and agricultural applications. Activated carbon is a prominent component that plays an important role in water filtration systems. People often tend to ask this question: what does activated carbon remove from water? First, let’s learn about what activated carbon is.



What is activated carbon?

Activated carbon is also known as activated charcoal. Activated carbon is processed carbon that has a large surface for adsorption or chemical reactions. Carbonized source materials such as wood, bamboo, sawdust, willow peat, coconut shells, coir, petroleum pitch, and various types of coal are processed to obtain activated carbon. Activated carbon is widely used to remove organic and chemical compounds from drinking water, thereby making the water suitable for drinking and other applications. At Swift Green Filters, we use coconut shells to produce the  activated carbon.  With an advanced technology, dried coconut shells are carbonized in an enclosed self-sustaining system. By using this process, emissions can be captured and turned into thermal energy. Activated carbon is prepared in such a way that it provides a high degree of porosity and an extended surface area to filter the water efficiently.



What does activated carbon remove?

We have tried our best to answer the question, what does activated carbon remove? Activated carbon is quite effective in reducing hundreds of substances including contaminants and other chemical impurities from water. But It totally depends on the quality and the types of the activated carbon you are using. So we can say it is critical to understand that you have to match up the correct activated carbon that can satisfy your specific needs. This way you can get the most efficient filtering as per your requirement. SwiftGreenFilters uses the advanced activated carbon for water filtration that ensures you are getting the safe, clean and tasty water. This high-tech activated carbon can remove the following potential contaminants & chemicals from water.


Prescription & over the counter drugs

All of you may have heard the word pharmacy and pharmaceuticals. Swift's green water filters can reduce the pharmaceuticals (sort of drugs used for medicinal purposes) from the water. Here is the following list of pharmaceuticals that can be removed by Swift's activated carbon water filters.

  • Meprobamate
  • Phenytoin
  • Estrone
  • Atenolol
  • Trimethoprim
  • Carbamazepine
  • Ibuprofen
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Birth Control
  • Anti-epileptic
  • Anti-anxiety drugs
  • Beta blocker
  • Antibiotic
  • Anti-convulsant
  • Trimethoprium
  • Naproxen
  • Pain Reliever


VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

We must have heard about the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) also. But we may not have any idea what VOCs are. VOCs are compounds that have a high vapor pressure and low water solubility. VOCs are industrial solvents that are gasses emitted from certain liquids or solids. Our activated carbon filters can remove the following VOCs.

  • Lead
  • Polystyrene
  • Cysts
  • Chromium
  • Alachlor*
  • |||
  • Lindane*
  • Copper
  • 2, 4-D*
  • Selenium
  • Mercury
  • Toxaphene
  • Arsenic
  • P-Dichlorobenzene
  • Chloramine
  • Cadmium
  • Barium
  • Asbestos
  • Atrazine*
  • Benzene*
  • Turbidity
  • Chlorine Taste & Odor


Herbicides & Pesticides

Herbicides and pesticides are disinfectants that are used to kill or control specific types of pests (harmful to humans). They move into water bodies via point source and nonpoint source and make water toxic. Our water filters remove the following herbicides and pesticides from the toxic water.

  • DEET
  • Pesticide active in insect repellents
  • Metolachlor
  • Linuron
  • Herbicides used to control grasses and weeds


Chemical Compounds

A chemical compound is composed of identical molecules consisting of atoms of two or more chemical elements. They are found in the soil, water bodies, animals, and humans. These chemical compounds can leak into the water and cause deadly diseases like cancer. Our activated carbon filters can remove the following chemicals from water. 

  • TCEP
  • TCCP
  • BPA
  • Nonylphenol


Activated carbon is a miraculous substance with its exceptional ability to remove contaminants, bad taste, odors, gasses and chemical compounds from water. Here in this blog, we have covered topics such as what is activated carbon and what does activated carbon remove from water? We hope now everything related to activated carbon is clear to you. If you need assistance in getting an activated carbon water filter that fits for your filtration needs and your budget, please feel free to contact our friendly and supportive customer support team. You can browse a wide range of carbon block filters including refrigerator water filters, under sink water filters, pitcher water filters and custom carbon blocks. All these water filters are well certified by IAPMO to meet NSF/ANSI standards.


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