Why Activated Carbon Water Filters are Your Best Choice

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Why Activated Carbon Water Filters Are Your Best Choice

Why Activated Carbon Water Filters are Your Best Choice

The taste of fresh drinking water is liked by everyone, but not everyone is fortunate enough to get it fresh and clean. Unfortunately, due to the increasing presence of pollutants in the water, the quality of water has declined over time. 

Many people are unaware of the dangers posed by poor water quality. However, the effects of polluted water are not only troubling - they can also be hazardous to our health. Exposure to these contaminants can lead to serious conditions such as asthma or chronic lung disease and may even increase your risk of developing cancer. Luckily, activated carbon water filters are a simple solution that you can add to your home right now! In this article, you will know why activated carbon water filters are your best choice.


What is an Activated Carbon Filter?

An activated carbon filter is a type of water filtration system that uses carbon as its primary filter medium. Carbon is a naturally occurring element that has a variety of applications in industry and science. Carbon filters are typically installed on faucets, under the sink, or inside the water tank of a refrigerator or icemaker. The water passes through the filter, where contaminants and impurities are trapped by the activated carbon. There are different types of activated carbon used for the purification of water. Activated carbon water filters differ from other types of carbon filters as the carbon has been “activated”, or treated, with steam. This treatment process creates millions of tiny pores in the carbon and increases its surface area, allowing it to trap more contaminants than other types of carbon.


Why are Activated Carbon Filters so Effective?

Activated carbon filters are very efficient at removing contaminants from water that are difficult to filter out using RO filters. It reduces VOCs, CTO, Heavy metals, herbicides & pesticides, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, chemical compounds, viruses, microplastics and many more. This is because carbon has an extremely large surface area that is designed to adsorb (or attract and hold) molecules of different sizes and shapes.


How Do Activated Carbon Filters Work?

Before getting into why activated carbon water filters are your best choice, let's get to know how activated carbon filters work. Water flows through the activated carbon filter, where the contaminants by the carbon are trapped. If the filter is old, the water flows without proper purification. To ensure that your water remains clean and safe to drink, it is important to change your filter frequently.


Pros of Using an Activated Carbon Filter

  • Activated carbon filters are effective at removing a wide range of contaminants from water. They are suitable for removing even very small contaminants, like lead and mercury, which causes serious health risks. 
  • Activated carbon filters are affordable and are easy to install, requiring no special tools or expertise. 
  • Activated carbon filters are efficient and long lasting, with some filters lasting up to one year. 
  • Activated carbon filters are portable and can be moved from one faucet to another. This allows you to use a single filter for the water in your entire home.
  • Activated Carbon reduces the effective levels of taste, odor and chlorine from water.
  • Activated Carbons have a lot of surface area on which a lot of contaminants are trapped, leaving the water fresh and clean.



As you see, activated carbon filters are a simple and effective way to improve the quality of your drinking water. Swift Green Filters uses activated carbon to manufacture water filters to meet your water filtration needs. These water filters are pocket-friendly, long-lasting, easy to install and maintain. Swift Green Filters has a wide variety of water filters such as Refrigerator water Filters, Commercial water Filters, Under sink water Filters and Pitcher water Filters. Moreover, these filters are certified by IAPMO to meet NSF/ANSI standards. Now, we hope you got to know why activated carbon filters are your best choice, it’s time to shop for a new one!


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