Bottled Water vs. Filtered Water: Which one to choose?

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Bottled Water vs. Filtered Water

Bottled Water vs. Filtered Water: Which one to choose?


Are you looking for some serious discussions on “Bottled Water vs. Filtered Water”? If yes, then this is the right page you have hit. When it comes to having pure and safe drinking water, there are two options, one is filtered water and another one is bottled water. However, the change started to begin in 2008, and sales of bottled water started dropping. Many residential and commercial consumers started using filtered water instead of bottled water. But why? Before jumping into conclusion, let’s know about these two options in a bit more detail-


What Really is Bottled Water?

Bottled water comes in food-grade bottles for consumption, where the difference comes based on the source of water and packaging. For example, groundwater from a well, water-protected spring, and water from a public water supply are the sources. However, based on the types and levels of minerals present as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), the bottled mineral water comes in distinct flavors. Bottled water is sold as mineral water with higher TDS content, as people expect mineral salts in their water. Despite all these, Bottled water is sometimes recalled due to contaminants and small pieces of plastic known as microplastics.


How do we get filtered water?

Lakes, rivers, and groundwater are the primary sources of tap water. So, depending on the consumer’s location, drinking water is found from their nearby sources. From the source, the water is sent to the treatment facility to process and sanitize contaminated water.

In order to remove the microorganisms, the treatment facility providers add chlorine and other chemicals, which still remain in the water after the treatment. So, if you are worried that you are exposing your people to certain contaminants, you have to purify the tap water using water filters.

“Purity is a necessity and not a Luxury – and the human Race is still chasing for it”


Yes! Still chasing! As the chase for purity gets distorted due to the lack of awareness. So, here you will know how to get the pure form of water using water filters, without compromising your pocket and environment.

A water filtration system removes unwanted tastes and odors from water and provides clean and fresh-tasting water right through your tap. The domestic water filters come as a compact and easy-to-install device in a small space, whereas a commercial water filtration system comes in a different form, based on its use in the kitchen and use of some special equipment. No matter what your setup is, the water filtration system comes fully equipped with a kit to set up and tapped into the existing water line. Different water filtration systems are available in the market, such as coffee machine water filters, inline water filters, drop-in filters, and fridge filters.


How Filtered Water Comes Up as a Better Option Than Bottled Water:

When someone talks about bottled water vs. filtered water, the counting factors are health, safety, environmental care, and cost-effectiveness. Here are a few key reasons why filtered water takes a leap over the bottled water-

1. How filtered water offers Steady Water Supply: Filtering water at your workplace or home is sustainable, it ensures a steady supply of purified water. As a result, you can access the water for drinking and other household purposes whenever you want.

2. How filtered water Saves Environment: As we all know that plastic water bottles are one of the biggest threats to the environment, they contribute a major part in producing plastic waste. Not only does plastic degradation take thousands of years, but also the incinerated plastic bottles produce toxic fumes and contribute to air pollution.

3. Save yourself from digging Your Pocket with filtered water: Filtering water at your own setup is a cost-effective way to access pure and safe drinking water. By carrying filtered water, you can avoid buying bottled water and save yourself from unnecessary expenses.

4. How filtered water ensures Uncompromised Safety Compared to Bottled Water: Filtering water at your premises requires a high-quality water purifier to ensure water is highly safe. Though bottled water seems to be safe, it may not actually be. A lot of companies use low-quality plastic bottles to cut down the cost of packaging, which contains a high amount of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and bisphenol A (BPA) which can contaminate water.

If you have a water filtration system of your own, you can avoid buying bottled water. All you have to do is set up a water purifier that uses multiple purification technologies like RO (Reverse Osmosis), UF (Ultrafiltration) UV (Ultraviolet Purification).

Why not approach a sought-after water filter provider like Swift Green Filters, who can install the right water filtration system according to your requirements. Such providers can also assist you in choosing compatible filtration parts for different refrigerator brands, also you can find more options like pitcher filters or filters for your commercial and residential setup. 


The bottom line:

While coming to the conclusion after going through the facts on bottled water vs. filtered water, it’s clear that filtered water is less expensive, better for our environment, takes a one-time investment, and provides you with pure water.


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