How often should you change the water filter in a refrigerator?

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How often should you change the water filter in a refrigerator

How often should you change the water filter in a refrigerator?

However, the vendor suggests replacing refrigerator water filters at least every six months. If you have a joint family, you might find the need to change the water filters even more often. Regular replacement of refrigerator water filters is very essential as it helps to maintain clean drinking water. Eventually, there are a lot of factors that play a part in the frequency of water filter replacement. Water filters clean the impurities by lowering the contamination level in the water. Nowadays, as pollution is increased to another extent, water filters have become a necessity. If one cannot afford a water filter, drinking water should be purified by home remedies. So, here you will get pure water using water filters that are both environmentally friendly and pocket-friendly. You can get a variety of water filters that are easy to replace. You can replace these refrigerator water filters yourself. It’s that easy. Without jumping to the conclusion, let’s know more about “how often should you change the water filter in a refrigerator?


Signs That the Water Filter Need To Be Replaced


When someone talks about how you get to know that it’s time to change the water filter in the refrigerator, here are the signs they should look for:


  • Smelly water: The smell of the drinking water plays a crucial role in the taste of your drinking water and will quickly signify unwanted changes. In critical cases of contamination, the drinking water will most probably discover an annoying odor. This indication will show that your filter is in urgent need of replacement.

  • Unpleasant taste: The taste of water is often a benchmark. At times water may seem clean, but the taste tells it all. So trust your taste buds when you think something is wrong. The taste of water might be off because of harmful pollutants present in the water. Algae blooms can cause a musky taste of water.

  • Decreased transparency: A clean glass of water will be crystal clear if held up to a light source. If there is iron present in the water, it will cause red discoloration. And grey discoloration means the presence of dust. If the water is cloudy, it has swirls, don’t drink it. It may look harmless, but it contains very high concentrations of contaminants.

  • Reduced flow pressure: After a bit, tiny particles are stuck in your water filter and cause clogging. Clogged water filters reduce the flow pressure of water.

  • Strange Noise: When the water filter needs to be replaced, it starts making a strange noise. It can be due to the contaminants and chemicals that are not allowing the water to pass thoroughly. Such water is unsafe for drinking. The strange noise is a warning that your refrigerator filter is struggling in purifying your drinking water. contaminate


Can an old water filter make you sick?

Yes, your old filter can add contaminants to your water. The wet environment in the pitcher filter is ready for replication, so bacteria can reach high concentrations. If you continue to use your old filter, you will end up affecting your health.


How much water do I need to flush through a new refrigerator filter?

Usually, it takes 3 to 5 gallons of water to absolutely flush your new filter.


Can I use my refrigerator without a water filter?

Yes, you can use your refrigerator without a water filter. But drinking the water without purifying it could damage your health. Also, operating a system without filters would reduce the lifespan of the appliance. 


What happens if the water filter is not changed?

If you do not change the water filters regularly, this might end up clogging your water filter with contaminants. The contaminants that are clogged in your water filter will end up mixing with your water and affecting your health. This change would be noticeable as the taste of the water will be changed. Changing the water filter is very quick and easy. You should change your water filter every six months. This would increase the lifespan of your refrigerator.


Is the refrigerator water filter safe?

Risk is associated with refrigerated drinking water that is exposed to bacteria such as coliform and salmonella, which affect your health and water quality. The bitter truth is that refrigerators are not as clean as possible. The water filter in the fridge is often invisible and makes the water contaminant-free. It can be dangerous only when you haven't changed it at the preferred time.


What Should You Look for in a Refrigerator Water Filter?

 The main thing to observe in a refrigerator filter is that either it should be NSF/ANSI Certified or equivalent to it. This makes sure that the filter meets all health and sanitation standards. It means that the water filter will deliver safe drinking water and won’t affect your health, and be free of contaminants. The other thing that you will consider is the lifespan of the water filter and refrigerator. While selecting a Refrigerator water filter, the third thing to examine is how many contaminants it can remove from your water. 


Bottom line


It is a necessity to drink pure water to keep you healthy and away from illness. The water filter in the refrigerator makes sure that only safe water is dispensed for drinking and ice-making purposes. It is important to make a calendar schedule to change your water filters every six months. Here are all your answers to “how often should you change water filters in a refrigerator?


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