What Happens If You Drink Contaminated Water

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What Happens If You Drink Contaminated Water


What Happens If You Drink Contaminated Water


It is a surprising fact to know that almost 29% of World’s population can’t manage to drink contamination-free drinking water. Though it is not a big concern for many, a lot of us know what happens if you drink contaminated water and how worth it is of having access to filtered water. In this content, you will have an overview of the same and get to know what’s bad about the contaminated water and why it is unhealthy.


Water sources get contaminated by industrial, agricultural, human and animal waste. Moreover, water treatment and distribution plants sometimes come across harmful byproducts, which can cause contamination as well.


Diseases from Drinking Dirty Water

There are some harmful diseases transmitted through drinking water, which are diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery, Typhoid and many more. When impure water is mixed with safe water due to lack of medical and sanitation facilities, it contaminates water. These diseases are curable with proper medical facilities and supplies. However, without prompt treatment, situations could be worse, which can lead the victims to death.


Dangers of Drinking Contaminated Water

The adverse health effect of drinking contaminated water depends on the type of contaminants, individual susceptibility, water consumption amount, concentration level and extent of exposure.


Diseases transmission: If you are someone who is dealing with poor health or some medical conditions, then drinking contaminated water may take a toll on your health. Your age, physical condition and a lot of things determine how likely and how severely you will become sick.


If it is a chemical exposure, it can cause skin discoloration, damage to the nervous system, developmental defects of reproductive organs. Moreover, drinking water gets contaminated with disease-causing microbes, consumption of which can cause stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, headache, hepatitis, kidney failure and even death with compromised immune system.


Dehydration: It may seem odd, but drinking dirty water would lead to dehydration. You may become dehydrated due to illness. Since most of our body is made up of water, without proper water consumption, you will become dehydrated, and eventually it may cause physical and mental health problems. So, deploying a right water filter is necessary to not only maintain safety but also let the water be part of the function of our body.


What Homeowners Can Do?

Well, timely replacement of water filters in your sink and refrigerator ensure elimination of dangerous water contaminants. It is also necessary to test the water by experts to understand what your water supply is containing. 


At Swift Green Filters you will find refrigerator water filter, commercial water filter, under sink filters and pitcher filter, which are made of advanced sustainable technology. All of the filters here are BPA-free, which ensure reduction of unpleasant odour and maximum contaminants. Use of solid carbon blocks made of recyclable dried coconut shells turn out to be self-sustaining filtration systems.


Still thinking? Fret not! Now you know what happens if you drink contaminated water and Swift Green Filters helps you to choose and deploy the best filtration system for your home or workplace. All you have to do is subscribe for a monthly or yearly subscription plan to get filter hassle-free at your doorstep.


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