What Is PFOA and How Does It Affect You?

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What Is PFOA and How Does It Affect You


What Is PFOA and How Does It Affect You?


Perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA is one of a group of chemicals, also known as perfluorochemicals. Apart from this these chemicals are also called perfluorinated alkylated substances (PFAS). This chemical compound is commonly found in non-stick products, food packaging, and fire-fighting foam. In this content, you will get to know what PFOA is and how it affects you and the people around you.

Almost every one of us is exposed to small amounts of PFOA, but this does not necessarily pose a health risk. However, this pollutant is quite different from other organic chemicals that are found in drinking water and offers many benefits for industrial use. Due to the capacity to deter water and grease, these chemicals are used in a wide range of products.

Where is the PFOA Used?

Since the ’50s, the chemical compound of PFOA has been used for its water-resistant and non-sticky capacity. Different industrial applications and products use this chemical. Here are some examples of goods that are manufactured using PFOA-


  • Polishes
  • Pesticides
  • Waxes
  • Adhesives
  • Carpets
  • Protective sprays
  • Coatings for upholstery and carpets
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Paint


How PFOA Can Affect Our Health:

Recent studies on PFOA health effects point out the data, in which the report on adverse effects came up as per the experiments conducted on animals. However, more research is required to confirm the link between synthetic compounds and associated health risks. Here is a list of potential PFOA side effects on human health, as per the recent studies-


  • Liver problems
  • Immune disorder
  • Delayed puberty
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Cholesterol changes
  • Osteoarthritis


Moreover, high-level exposure to this chemical compound can lead to skeletal issues, impaired fetal development, testicular cancer, and more.


Environmental Risks Due to PFOA Contamination:

As discussed above, PFOA is mostly exposed to the environment when used for industrial applications or used in the form of consumer goods. Now, exposure to this compound is increasing because of the gradual waste release in the industrial processes and different usage in agriculture. Due to the large disposal of the products (that use PFOA) to the landfills, the PFOA toxicity of the land is increasing.


Now, let’s know what is PFOA in water?

Since the chemical compound of PFOA is present in the soil, they also contaminate the water which poses a greater health risk. The pollutant migrates from soil to ground and surface water. After that, it is exposed to public and private water supplies. Even after taking a lot of treatment measures, this contaminant continues to spread due to its great resistance power.


How to Mitigate the Risks Resulting from PFOA?

Water is one of the common sources from where the PFOA is spread. However, when this chemical compound exceeds the normal level in drinking water, it is advisable to rely on water filters to prevent contamination of drinking water. According to the experts, the PFOA level in drinking water should not exceed 70 parts per trillion. Here are a few more safety precautions to take from PFOA:

  • Avoid products that can contain PFOA. For example, products like coated food packaging, non-stick cookware, and many more. They come with a high risk of contamination.

  • When it comes to knowing how to remove PFOA from water, experts recommend starting with only using organic cleaning products.

  • Check out the area where you live. If there are chemical processing facilities or landfills near your house, then the chances of contamination are higher. Try collecting a recent test report from the public water authority for water contaminants levels.

While concluding the content here, you must know that predicting the long-term effect of PFOA and to support the current findings, a lot more pieces of evidence are required. In addition, we should try to pay more attention when purchasing products to reduce the risk of PFOA. Moreover, staying updated about the water quality in our area will also help us take the necessary steps.

Now you know what PFOA is and how it affects you. Next thing, you have to look at the test report of the public water supply in your home. ​If you find contaminants at alarming amounts, then deploying a water filter can be the ultimate way out.

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